Walking Again

Daddy carried sweet 12 year old Nerine on his back all the way down the aisle to the Christ’s Commission Fellowship pastor, in obedience to James 5:14.   We were there as prayer warriors and facilitators at the request of our dear friend Cherilyn Davis, Nerine’s aunt.  A month earlier Nerine experienced a fever followed by the gradual loss of strength in her legs.  Now in desperation, after doctor’s visits and missing a month of school, Christine and Anthony, her parents, brought her to CCF.

12687849_958469664229687_6248662609501192245_n (1).jpg

What followed next was a sequence of God ordained moments and steps,including prayer and ultimately fetching a wheelchair to take her to Life To The Max, a healing ministry at CCF. With tears streaming down her face, this precious girl just kept saying “thank you, thank you.”  Our job was simply to keep offering our prayers in faith (James 5:15 )  Those prayers continued throughout the week.  The following Sunday  (Valentine’s Day) with great joy we saw Nerine again, this time walking side by side with mom and dad. To God be the glory!

12688323_1222733864420866_2082248479585685309_n (1).jpg


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